Why our Lustre pants are such a hit with women

lustre pants are back

Some years ago, Ravir stumbled upon a fantastic pant, a pant that fits most women, and looks smart. The best part is the comfort factor. Hardly anyone who tries them on walks out without a pair – or two. The pants sell throughout the year, and can be worn either as a legging or topped with a jumper or shirt.

We have sold more of these pants than any other, and our customers keep coming back for more.

The Lustre pant used to be available in several shades of blue, and grey/black, but this year some new colours have been introduced – latte and khaki. These colours are selling well.

The great news for summer is a new 7/8th length, available in navy, dark grey, latte and khaki. We are hoping to acquire more stock before Christmas, but there are no guarantees.

Some colours/sizes have already sold out. So if you haven’t tried this style, we recommend getting in soon. You won’t regret it!

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